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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area love bathrooms remodeled by Diamond Builders of America. Diamond bathrooms are designed and built to be beautiful, functional and provide superior value. Bathroom remodels that meet your needs and desires are part of our unique the Diamond Difference.

Design-Build Bathroom Remodeling

As part of the Diamond Difference, we don’t design and build one-size fits all bathrooms. We design your bathrooms around you.

We use today’s best and most appropriate bathroom fixtures, materials, and design approaches for your bathroom remodel.

At Diamond, we also create bathrooms that can enhance your home’s appeal and future resale value.

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Bathroom Remodeling Options Abound

If you haven’t remodeled a bathroom lately or started researching today’s options, be prepared to be astounded.

Bathrooms can be almost anything you desire. From something simple, basic and elegant; to a beautiful spa-like wonder where you can decompress from the stresses of life and truly relax.

Let’s look at some of the options:

  • Basic to top of the line fixtures, materials, and products
  • Water jet, air jet, soaking tubs or combo
  • step into and walk-in tubs
  • Tubs for one or two people
  • Tub/shower combinations or individual tubs and showers
  • Single, dual or multi-shower headed, electronically temperature controls showers and steam showers. Fixed and handheld showerheads or both
  • Showers with built-in benches
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Toilets with soft closing seats, heated seats, built-in bidets and more.
  • If you are concerned about wasting water, low flow toilets are excellent, and there are even dual flush toilets depending on if you need a small or large flush.
  • Lighting, cabinets, tile options are almost unlimited
  • Heated floors and towel dryers are very common
  • Bathrooms no longer have to be a single room. You may wish to have your toilet and bidet in a smaller room within your bathroom.
  • Video and sound systems are also fairly common
  • Closets for towels and other storage
  • Simple to elegant, large or compact vanities
  • Regular vanities, open bottom, and roll up vanities.

Bathrooms You’ll Love Today and In the Future.

Bathrooms in older homes are usually small and basic compared to what homeowners expect today. They offered the basics but not much more. Bathrooms from that time and earlier were often tight even with only one person using it.

Bathrooms in the past were usually thought of as utilitarian. Moreover, they were often only large enough to fit a sink, toilet, and tub or shower. Bathrooms were built to one of only a few layouts and rarely around homeowners’ specific needs. And also very important, by today’s standards, few older homes have enough bathrooms.

While new homes now have larger and a greater number of bathrooms, not all are as well designed as they could be. Not every bathroom remodeler is as focused on designing age and ability appropriate bathrooms. And, even fewer are designed for your needs today and for your needs later on.

Diamond Bathrooms Stand the Test of Time

We believe bathroom remodeling should not be short-sighted. You may have young kids now, but they will grow older. You may be an adult in the prime of your life, but if you live in your home for as long as most people want to after they retire your needs and preferences will most likely change.

Universal Design Bathrooms

lever sink faucetSo, we use universal design principles as a starting point when designing your bathroom. A bathroom remodeled using universal design is easier to use for a wider range of ages. For you, for your kids or grandkids, and for you as you enter retirement age, as an active adult. Universal design is also easier to use by people with some physical limitations.

Some good examples have sinks, tubs, and showers with levers for handles instead of knobs. Levers are easier to use for kids and those with weaker grips.

Living in Place Bathrooms

If you are remodeling your bathrooms, especially a master bathroom that you intend to use well into retirement, you may what to consider moving a step beyond universal design. Using Living In Place design approaches when remodeling your bathroom today helps assure you won’t have to move from your home prematurely because your bathroom is no longer safe.

So, what does a Living in Place bathroom have? Generally a curbless shower with a bench. These showers often have a primary shower head, and also a handy handheld showerhead. While in the US curbless showers are less common, they are very common for people of all ages in Europe.

If you are years away from wanting to use a walk-in tub, you can design your bathroom in a way that you can more easily replace the bathtub you install now with a walk-in model later without having to do or spend too much.

Likewise, some older homeowners find a slightly taller toilet easier to use. This too is something you can include in your current bathroom remodel or easily swap it out later.

There is one thing you should definitely include in any bathroom remodel today if you expect to use when you are older. That thing is plywood within the walls where you may want to add grab bars later. This way you can place grab bars anywhere you want to. Moreover, if you do this, you can also add a wall-mounted bench if you wish to later.

Bathroom Remodeling that Delivers High-Value No Matter Your Budget

example of Diamond Builder's bathoom remodelingWhether you are looking for a modestly priced bathroom for the kids or a lavish master bath for yourselves, Diamond delivers value. We deliver value by helping assure you get the most out of your bathroom remodeling budget.

It’s also good to understand what high value is. It is not the lowest price. It is the optimum balance between what you want in your bathroom in terms of the features, quality materials and products, skilled craftsmanship, the service you desire and total cost. The lowest price rarely affords you the quality, craftsmanship or service you want, so it is not a good value. If the price is high but does not provide high quality, craftsmanship, and outstanding service, it too, is not a good value.

We deliver high value by providing high quality at a fair price.

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