When you embark on a remodeling project in your home, you expect that creativity will be an important factor in the design of your new living spaces. But when Diamond Builders starts a remodeling project or a custom home, we use wide-open thinking and imagination in every phase of the project. Our goal is to create design solutions with high quality remodeling results and a superior remodeling experience for you, from start to finish.

We apply creativity not just to the design, but to the entire remodeling process, so we can solve problems and anticipate ways to prevent problems.

We love the challenge of coming up with fresh ideas for delivering the look, feel and function you want while keeping the entire project on time and on budget. We call this The Diamond Difference.

How Do We Do It?

Better Design

An uninspired, run-of-the-mill kitchen can cost the same to build as a beautiful kitchen that reflects your own unique tastes and lifestyle. So why settle for less? Creative use of space and materials can make all the difference in giving you a remodeled home that is a joy to live in, day in and day out.

Better Functionality

By applying creative problem-solving early in the remodeling process, we can determine what currently limits your enjoyment of your home. We can then provide you with new spaces that not only look great, but that also function perfectly for your lifestyle.

large kitchen with large island

Custom Kitchen by Diamond Builders

Better Systems

We see discipline as an important element of creativity. For example, we have developed systems for learning about your needs, preferences, and priorities so that we can give you the very best recommendations and results. Creativity that takes into account practical parameters means we can avoid unpleasant surprises and help make your remodeling experience better.

Better Value

The creativity we use in every phase of home remodeling requires a high-caliber team of professionals with more training, knowledge, and skills. Because of that, plus the management time we devote to your project, the estimate you receive may seem to be a bit more than other estimates you might get. We believe that you’ll agree that the value you’ll get from our thorough and creative approach, the quality of our work, and the better remodeling experience we offer are well worth the price. You can trust that we won’t leave you with a space that is unimaginative and marginally functional.

We’ve worked with many clients over the past 30+ years. Our creative process may have cost them a bit more, but they were able to avoid the inconvenience, problems, and unpleasant (and costly) surprises many homeowners encounter when they remodel. Plus, they have ended up with the high quality remodeling, beautiful design, and superb craftsmanship that provide long-term value.

We hope that we can show you how our brand of creative remodeling – The Diamond Difference – can apply to your next project.

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