pet-friendly remodeling

You might not think that remodeling and pet ownership are topics that are related, but just take a look at the statistics. According to the American Pet Products Association, about 68% of U.S. households include at least one pet. They are definitely an important part of the family and Americans are spending more each year on caring for their needs and comfort. So, it’s not surprising that nearly a quarter of home improvement projects include some pet-friendly remodeling for the family pets. When you are remodeling your home, there are many ways to integrate special spaces for them and make your life easier as well.

If you have a pet and are thinking about starting a remodeling project, here are some ideas for including something for your faithful companion.


One of the most popular pet-related home improvements has always been adding a pet door. There are now “smart” pet doors that link to your microchipped pets, so the door only opens for them. You don’t have to worry about uninvited strays or a family of raccoons moving in, and that’s good to know! Organized storage space for your pet’s toys is a great addition for making your remodeling project pet friendly.

pet door

Photo courtesy SureFlap Pet Doors


Do you have a pet crate somewhere in your home? It’s not attractive, is it? Consider a built-in sleeping space for your dog or cat instead of a crate that takes up valuable floor space. This gives them the safe, cozy space they need and helps keep them off your furniture or out from underfoot when necessary. Popular locations for these sleeping spaces are underneath cabinets and counters in the laundry room, mudroom or kitchen, or a cubby built-in under a stairway.

pet-friendly remodeling bath station

Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

Bath Time

Muddy paws mean a big mess, but there are ways to make the dreaded clean-up task easier. One pet home improvement that’s gaining popularity is a bathing station, which can be incorporated into a laundry room or mudroom layout. Start with easy-to-clean tile flooring and add a small shower area with a handheld showerhead/sprayer and floor drain. A raised-height tiled bathing station can save the family’s designated “groomer” from bending over.

Dinner Time

Feeding your dog or cat is a daily chore, so why not make it easier? Make a built-in feeding area with a  shelf or a slide-out drawer in a cabinet for food and water bowls. Stop dragging around large bags of pet food and add a deep cabinet drawer with a bin to hold a supply of food close by.

pet-friendly remodeling food storage

Photo courtesy Merillat Cabinets

At Diamond Builders, we do lots of different kinds of remodeling projects, like kitchens, additions and bathrooms. We always begin any new project by asking questions about your lifestyle and the specific needs of family members. So, if you have pets, we know that they are a very important part of your family. Why not add some pet-friendly remodeling features that make life better for your pets and make it easier for you to care for them?