There’s no time like the holidays for making lists! Guest lists, grocery lists, and gift lists help make life easier during this very busy time. But there’s a list that can make life easier for years to come: the remodeling ideas that could transform your home from Naughty to Nice!

While it’s on your mind…

As you’re preparing holiday meals, entertaining, and hosting family from out of town, it’s the perfect time to think about the things you wish you could change about the way your home looks, feels and works. Make notes now about big and small changes you’d like to make, and they’ll still be top of mind when you’re ready to remodel in the New Year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra bathroom or a real guest room? What about an entry spacious enough to organize coats and scarves, and leave wet boots to dry? Do you dream about having the space to seat the whole family for dinner?

Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

Would having an extra dishwasher, sink or oven make it much easier to entertain? Would a motion-activated “touchless” faucet be helpful when you’re cooking, and your hands are full – or covered in dough? What if you could access a pot, mixer, or bag of sugar without first having to remove the contents of an entire shelf or cabinet?

What about the kitchen itself – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more windows, a better floor plan, and enough counter space to cool batches of cookies and still have room for the kids to sit and sip hot chocolate?

Remodeling ideas by Diamond Builders

Kitchen remodeling by Diamond Builders

Once you’ve made your remodeling ideas list, check it twice

When the holidays are over, check your list. Check it once for the “nice to haves” and once for the “must haves.” You might be surprised how much can be accomplished with even small remodeling projects. The secret is in taking the time to map out the design, space planning, and product options so that they not only address the “naughty” items, but also make the smartest use of your budget.

If you do find yourself considering a remodeling project, don’t wait to get started. So, go ahead and make your home’s “Naughty List” now. Then, after the holidays, give us a call and let’s talk about how to make everything nice.

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