Design build remodeling is an approach to home remodeling that is often more rewarding for homeowners. It brings the architectural design and construction process into one tightly integrated system. For most projects design/build is a simpler, more predictable, more cost-effective, easier, safer, and more efficient method of home remodeling.

Before the design build home remodeling approach was introduced, a homeowner had to locate an architect to design the project and then seek a construction company to do the work. Each group worked independently, leaving room for communication and accountability problems to arise. The architect may not understand the real cost to build the remodeling project they are designing and may present you with designs that cannot be built within your budget. Or on the other hand, the building or general contractor may not know the detailed nuances of your home remodeling project that you and your architect discussed. In these situations, the homeowner is stuck resolving these problems.

With design/build home renovations or remodeling, you will never have to resolve differences between your architect and contractor should questions arise about the plans. You are working with one team, making communication fast and fluid. If any problems arise, we take care of them.

The design/build approach brings greater surety and accountability to the remodeling process.

Diamond Builders takes design/build remodeling one step further, combining it with our special Price Planning Approach. This approach allows you to target your budget towards the areas of your home’s project that matter most to you. By prioritizing certain aspects of your remodeling project with Diamond Builders, you are able to get greater value and enjoyment from your remodeling project.

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