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Home restoration services generally refer to restoring a home or building back to its original condition.

We can help homeowners with most types of restoration projects. Projects due to age, decay, weather damage, fire, etc. We can also help bring older homes back to their original look and feel. Sometimes historical restorations also include modernization of some aspects of the home.

We can also help bring older homes back to their original look and feel. Sometimes historical restoration also includes modernization of some aspects of the home.

Non-Insurance Restoration Projects

We are very pleased to work with homeowners or business owners on restoration projects of almost any kind. This is for projects where we are working for the homeowner or business owner. These can be for any type of:

  • Weather damage

  • Fire damage

  • Flood damage

  • Rot, weather, insect or other damage

  • Historic restoration

Insurance Restoration Projects

We are happy to work with homeowners who have suffered damages to their home if they are covered by insurance.

To assure your restoration is being completed to Diamond’s high standards and yours and not your insurance company’s standards, we only work for homeowners directly. We do not work for or through insurance companies.

We don’t work directly with or for insurance companies because:

  • Insurance companies tend to require extra time (and so generate more administrative costs) dealing with their processes and paperwork. Time they are unwilling to compensate us for.
  • Insurance adjusters typically underestimate the cost of restoring the property to the condition our clients desire and to the quality we are known for providing. They seem to us to generally be willing to accept shortcuts and lesser quality work than is our standard.
  • Insurance companies are notorious for taking their time paying for the work remodelers do. This means we end up financing the projects, sometimes for long periods of time while the payments process through the insurance company systems. They make money on the delay in paying us, at our expense.

To help our clients with insurance claims

So that you can submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement, we provide you with standard and reasonable documentation of what we will do and did do, including plans, services, materials, invoices, etc.  However your insurance company:

  • May or may not be willing to pay what it costs to do the project properly and to the quality level you desire. If they don’t, you will have to decide to pay the cost difference or do it to their level of quality.
  • May or may not pay you in a timely manner. We will provide you with a clear schedule of what needs to be paid for and when. We can not do good work and also wait for your insurance company to pay you. You will need to pay for the work we do on the schedule we both agree to.

We credit our estimate fee towards the cost of the project.

We charge a nominal fee for estimates which we credit to the cost of the project if we perform the work.

I would like to thank Diamond Builders of America. After a house fire, Nick and his crew did an awesome job in restoring my home. Everyone was very nice and helpful during the whole process. Nick’s design turn out be the best choice ever and I’m so happy with the results. I would like to also thank you for helping me and my family during a difficult time and I’m glad to have chosen you and I wish the very best to you and your crew.

(Reprinted from a BBB review with permission of the author)

Gail D., -- A home Diamond Builders restored after a house fire

Last year Diamond Builders did some renovations in my condo. During this time, they discovered a leak coming from the bathroom. They worked quickly and located the leak immediately. Both my homeowners’ insurance and the insurance company for the condominiums said it was the responsibility of the other. This turned into one big headache. However, I was lucky to have Nick! He dealt with both insurance companies as well as the management company for the condos. He was truly on my side – making sure that I got not only what he felt I was entitled to, but also what I wanted. This was a long process, but in the end I got the bathroom I had wanted for a very long time. Neighbors who came to see my new bathroom were in awe. They couldn’t believe the incredible job [Diamond Builder’s] had done. He is smart, creative, caring and patient, and guided me through the process with confidence. When I look back at what was accomplished, I can’t imagine that anyone else would have done as much or as good a job as Nick C. I have a beautiful bathroom that I’m proud for people to walk into!

(Reprinted from a BBB review with permission of the author)

Frances S., --- A condo Diamond Builders restored after water damage

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