Damage, Disaster, and Historical Home Restoration

For Homes in Charlotte North Carolina and Surrounding Counties South

home restoration damageHome restoration services generally refer to restoring a home or building back to its original condition. We can help homeowners with most types of restoration projects. Projects due to age, decay, weather damage, fire, etc. We can also help bring older homes back to their original look and feel. Sometimes historical restorations also include modernization of some aspects of the home.

We can also help bring older homes back to their original look and feel. Sometimes historical restoration also includes modernization of some aspects of the home.

Non-Insurance Restoration Projects

We are very pleased to work with homeowners or business owners on restoration projects of almost any kind. This is for projects where we are working for the homeowner or business owner. These can be for any type of:

  • Weather damage

  • Fire damage

  • Flood damage

  • Rot, weather, insect or other damage

  • Historic restoration

Insurance Restoration Projects

We are happy to work with homeowners who have suffered damages to their home if they are covered by insurance.

However, for these projects we work only for the homeowners and not for or through insurance companies. We don’t work with insurance companies directly for many reasons including:

  • Insurance companies tend to require extra time (and so generate more administrative costs) dealing with their processes and paperwork. Time they are unwilling to compensate us for.
  • Insurance adjusters typically underestimate the cost of restoring the property to the condition our clients desire and to the quality we are known for providing. They seem to us to generally be willing to accept shortcuts and lesser quality work than is our standard.
  • Insurance companies are notorious for taking their time paying for the work remodelers do. This means we end up financing the projects, sometimes for long periods of time while the payments process through the insurance company systems. They make money on the delay in paying us, at our expense.

To help our clients with insurance claims we do provide them with the standard and reasonable documentation of what we do, plans, services, invoices, etc. so that you can submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, they may or may not be willing to pay what it costs to do the project properly and you will be required to pay the difference. They may or may not pay you in a timely manner but we will need to be paid by you on the agreed schedule and not based on how fast or slow the insurance company processes the claim.

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