Get 10% off Purchases of Jenn-Air Appliances When You Remodel with Diamond Builders of America

Diamond Builders of America is a Jenn-Air Premier Builder.  As such, our clients can purchase Jenn-Air appliances from Jenn-Air dealers using Diamond Builders of America’s Jenn-Air Premier Builder Code and save 10%!

Plus: You may combine this 10% discount with the “Jenn-Air instant consumer rebate”, “Compliments of Jenn-Air” rebate program, and the mail-in installation rebate, “Installation on Us”, for even more savings.

Why does Diamond Builders offer a discount on Jenn-Air appliances? We do so because Jenn-Air offers quality luxury appliances many of our clients like and because we want to help you get the most from your remodeling budget.

About Jenn-Air

According to the Jenn-Air website:

“Jenn-Air makes luxury kitchen appliances known for their sophisticated design, innovative technology and exceptional performance.

Jenn-Air first became known for creating the legendary downdraft cooktop in 1961, as well as for bringing convection cooking into the home. We now make appliances for the entire kitchen, from powerful professional-style ranges to stylish built-in refrigerators.

Our appliances offer you unprecedented performance as you cook and entertain. Our built-in refrigerators have been ranked #1 for the past four years running.”

Other Rebates, Discounts, and Benefits

Thru June 30, 2017, Jenn-Air is offering:

(If after June 30, 2017 check with Diamond to learn about any new promotions.)


  • A $1,300 instant rebate on Tier 1 appliance models.
  • An additional $2,000 instant rebate when your purchase Tier 2 models when you buy a certain number of appliances at once.

    (So, you can get up to $3,300 in instant rebates).

  • Up to $1000 in mail-in rebates to cover the installation costs of products needing custom installation*. Each appliance will qualify for up to either a $100 or $200 installation rebate depending on the appliance. This installation Mail-in Rebate can be used if Diamond Builders of America installs your appliance.
    *A regular refrigerator would not qualify but a built-in refrigerator would for example.

Complete form to get a copy of the Jenn-Air Rebate Brochure

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  • Jenn-Air appliances come with a two-year warranty.
  • When your Jenn-Air appliance is installed by a certified Jenn-Air Installer you receive an extra year of service, for a total of three.