Looking forward to the New Year, we are forecasting three smart approaches to remodeling in 2019 that we believe are here to stay. They not only make your home more beautiful, they make it more comfortable and can save you time and money as well.

1. Green Remodeling

Many features that you’ll want for your home can be considered “green” – even if you would never think to label them that way. Creating a home that is energy-efficient and makes better use of resources is also better for your budget.

Smart remodeling today seeks to reduce consumption of power and water, select local sources for building materials, use more energy-efficient construction techniques, use recycled or recyclable materials when possible, and reduce waste from production methods. The heating, cooling, ventilation equipment choices available today and the use of more effective insulation help keep a house feeling more comfortable in every season.

Green remodeling can also be healthy remodeling. We look at indoor air quality, air filtration and building material choices to help protect the homeowners against allergens, mold, mildew, and chemical sensitivities.

2. Low-maintenance Remodeling

Most homeowners don’t have a lot of time or energy to spend on home maintenance. One result of this is the growing popularity of low-maintenance building products and materials.

Engineered countertops rival the beloved natural granite in the kitchen. Composites can be just as sleek and shiny as granite, but virtually maintenance-free. Selecting high quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures that won’t break, peel or need replacing in a year will save you additional time and money.

Photo courtesy Trex Decking

Photo courtesy Trex Decking

A wide range of new exterior products can replace wood for siding and trim, to virtually eliminate the need for painting and many regular repairs. Decking materials have also come a long way. Engineered materials such as TREX® Decking and AZEK® Deck Boards not only eliminate chores like staining, sealing and checking for rot or loose nails, they also provide long-lasting freedom from warping, splinters and damage from the sun.

3. Universal Design

Universal design (making living areas that are accessible to all – young, old, and in-between) is a growing trend and a smart idea if you plan on living in your house as long as possible or have a multi-generational household. Plus, it can be done with great style and be so beautiful no one will notice a difference.

universal design bathroom

Photo courtesy Kohler Co.

When using the elements of universal design, safety and accessibility are important considerations. This means when you remodel, you use easier-to-grip door levers instead of round door knobs, increased lighting throughout, and hard-surface flooring materials. Incorporating slightly wider doors and hallways and barrier-free, walk-in showers are good options. Kitchen design will focus on key storage areas that do not require reaching very high or bending very low. When possible, put a master suite on the main level instead of on a second floor.

These three smart remodeling approaches are not only trends for the coming year, but concepts that are rapidly being accepted as standard practices for building. They can incorporate the quality and style that will provide you with an end result that is simply gorgeous. They are features that are sure to stand the test of time.

If you’re thinking about remodeling in the New Year, let’s talk about ideas for adding these 3 smart approaches to your plans.