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A Smart Choice for Whole House Remodels, Renovations, and Gut Rehabs

Whole house renovations and remodels are not projects that you can trust to any contractor. These are larger and more complex projects than almost any other type of remodeling or renovation project. Diamond Builders of America has the proven qualifications, experience, and expertise to handle these types of large whole home projects.

What Type of Whole House Remodel, Renovation, or Gut Rehab You Need

Whole house remodels and renovations tend to fall into four categories.

1) Whole House Renovations

Technically a whole house renovation focuses on upgrading and enhancing your home, generally without reconfiguring it or adding on to it.

2) Whole House Remodels

A whole house remodeling project involves making changes to your home’s layout, such as opening up walls, installing new staircases, finishing unfinished portions of your home, increasing the size of your home, converting an attic into living space, etc.

3) Combination Whole House Renovation and Remodel

Most whole house projects both whole house renovations and remodels. Parts of your home may only need renovation while other parts need remodeling. Doing both at the same time can save money compared to doing them separately.

4) Gut Rehabs

A gut rehab is basically taking a home that is in poor shape, tearing most of it down to the studs and rebuilding it. This generally means replacing all the electrical wiring, plumbing lines, roof, insulation, and so on. It is in some ways an extreme renovation and most of the time is also partly a remodeling project.

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Whole House Projects are Great For When…

…You Can Buy an Ugly Duckling or Distressed Home at a Great Price

The homes people don’t normally want to buy are often sold way below market prices. If you find one of these homes that is close to what you want in size and configuration, at a great price, you can then likely afford to have the whole house renovated, remodeled or have it gut rehabbed exactly as you like.

This gives you a virtual custom home that looks like new.

Besides the obvious benefit of getting a home where you want to live and being able to remodel it into your dream home, you can do the entire project before you move in.

…You Love Your Home and Neighborhood but Your Home is Old or in Poor Shape

before kitchen for renovationYou moved into your home years ago when it was in good condition. But now it is looking old and sad. Parts of your home are starting to fall apart or already have. If you try to sell your home now, and especially further down the road, your home would have to be sold way below what it could otherwise sell for. And it would only sell to people who have the time and desire to renovate and remodel it. And if you remodeling just for the sale, you will not recover all of what you spend on the remodeling. So, the best solution is to do a whole house renovation now. It will allow you to keep the home you love in the neighborhood you love, get a just-like-new home but with functional and style updates. When you sell some years down the road, your home will be more attractive to buyers and likely command a higher sale price.

PLUS… You get to enjoy the investment you made in your whole house renovation for years, providing you a daily return on your investment that is in addition to what you sell your home for down the road.

…You Love Your Neighborhood but Your Home is No Longer a Good Fit

In this case, you have three options:

Find another house in your neighborhood that is exactly what you now need and requires minimal fixing up to move into or…

Do a whole house remodel and by doing so, you get to update and upgrade every part of your home AND reconfigure any of it AND even change its size to fit what you need and want in a home today and going forward. You essentially get a custom home for the cost of a remodeled home.

Knockdown your existing home and build a new home on your property which, by the way, we can also do for you. In fact, we can even perform a Feasibility Study to compare the costs of a whole house remodel vs. a new custom home so you can determine which is the best option for you.

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